Cash Management

Cash Management is responsible for all non-student University Billing, both Sponsored and Non-Sponsored. This includes Miscellaneous Receivables and Sponsored Research.

Find more information here on billing types (when do you get the money from the sponsor) and award statuses (what they mean, how they impact expenses).


There are three types of billing and eight award statuses in SAP (Boston University’s financial system) as listed below:

Billing Types

  1. Cost Reimbursable
  2. Milestone
  3. Manual

Award Statuses (as listed in SAP)

Award Status Definitions

Cost Reimbursable accounts in Approved Award or Pre-Award Billable status that are not ending within the next 30 days are billed in the month following the month that expenses have posted to an account in SAP. If an account becomes overspent in a month, an invoice cannot be generated until the overexpenditure is cleared from the account by one of two ways: moved to a department account or additional funding has been awarded and added to the account.

Accounts that end within 30 days or have recently ended, are billed once the SP Administrator has confirmed the ending balance with the department administrator and a final invoice summary template has been reviewed and signed by the Billing Supervisor.


Cash Management is also responsible for the collection of outstanding receivables. In some instances, Cash Management requires the assistance of Principal Investigators or the Department Administrator in collecting outstanding receivables.

Please refer to the Escalation of AR Policy located in the Policy Library here.

Miscellaneous Receivables

Miscellaneous Receivables invoices the sales and services rendered by University departments to external entities. See the Miscellaneous Receivables page for more information about invoicing, payments, and collections.


Boston University’s main bank is JPMorgan Chase. For account information, please contact the Director, Cash Management at 617-353-4555.

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