The federal standards outlined in the Uniform Guidance (Subpart F – Audit Requirements) are intended to help the various federal funding agencies conduct consistent and uniform audits of state and local agencies and nonprofit organizations, including universities, that are receiving and expending federal funding awarded through grant and contract awards.

Types of Audits

Sponsored Programs – Post Award is involved in the following types of audits of sponsored projects at BU:

  1. Boston University’s annual Uniform Guidance (UG) audit
  2. Sponsor-Specific Audits: Both federal and non-federal sponsors conduct audits that can cover a specific award, invoice, or payment. These sponsors also conduct site visits, which often include a programmatic and financial component.


SP Post Award manages the audit process and

  • Works directly with auditor as BU “point of contact” on financial matters
  • Informs PI and DA
  • Works with DA to obtain any supporting documentation or respond to auditor questions

Please Note: If a Sponsor reaches out to you or your PI directly as it relates to Audits or Site Visits, please immediately contact Craig Gerome, Assistant Director, Compliance, Sponsored Programs at or 617.353.8085 as we need to be involved and/or lead the process.

Subrecipient Monitoring

Annual Review

As the prime recipient of funds, BU is responsible to our sponsors to ensure that monies spent by our subrecipients meet the criteria detailed in the Uniform Guidance (UG). In order to comply with UG, SP Post Award conducts an annual review of subrecipients: 

  • If subrecipient is subject to UG:  SP Post Award will review and assess any UG audit findings
  • If subrecipient is not subject to UG:  Subrecipient must complete an Audit Certification and Questionnaire

Desk Reviews

In addition to the annual review, SP Post Award conducts desk reviews of subrecipient invoices for a variety of reasons:

  • All high risk subrecipients are subject to desk review
  • As a result of the annual subrecipient monitoring review
  • At the request of the Principal Investigator (PI), department administrator (DA), or SP Post Award Research administrator

A desk review typically includes the following components:

  • Review of an individual invoice received from the subrecipient;
  • SP Post Award informs the PI and DA of the review;
  • Subrecipient must provide SP Post Award with supporting documentation for all costs associated with the invoice; and
  • SP Post Award informs subrecipient of changes needed for invoice presentation and/or disallowed costs
Subrecipient Invoicing and Payments

Uniform Guidance Audits (formerly A-133 Reports)

These reports are publicly available. They are independent auditor’s reports as required by OMB Circular A-133 and Government Auditing Standards and Related Information.

View the Uniform Guidance Audits



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