Award Review and Acceptance


Sponsored Programs is responsible for review and acceptance of awards for sponsored projects made to the Trustees of Boston University to ensure that the award terms and conditions are acceptable to the University and that the award can be managed properly under the University’s policies and procedures for sponsored projects.

Sponsored Programs makes every effort to expedite the process of acceptance so the award may be authorized for set-up in the BU system as quickly as possible.


SP review of the award document includes attention to the following:

  • Type of award (e.g., contract, grant, subaward, clinical trial)
  • Type of activity (research, training, other)
  • Amount of award
  • Budget/project period
  • Variances from period or amount proposed
  • Sponsor general and program-specific terms/conditions, including terms incorporated by reference
  • Reporting requirements
  • Payment terms
  • Restrictions on use of funds
  • Publication terms
  • Intellectual property terms
  • Liability and indemnification terms
  • Insurance terms
  • Any compliance restrictions (e.g., human subjects, animal subjects)
  • Export control concerns
  • Information security terms

Award Negotiation

The SP Pre-Award RA will follow up with the Sponsor to clarify award terms or request changes to ensure that the award is acceptable to the University and supportive of the project.

Award Acceptance

After SP review and award negotiation is complete, the SP RA obtains BU institutional signature and finalizes with the Sponsor.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • SP Research Administrators are responsible for comprehensive review of the award, including consultation with the PI, DA, and other University offices as necessary. When review is complete, the Pre-Award RA is responsible for obtaining institutional signature and authorizing award set-up in the BU system.
  • Principal Investigators are responsible for review of the award and provision of any necessary information or documentation requested by SP.
  • Departmental Administrators will work with the PI and SP to provide any necessary information or documentation requested by SP.

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