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Enhancing Federal Clean Energy Innovation

Join the National Academies for a free series of virtual workshops on Enhancing Federal Clean Energy Innovation from July 27 - August 7.

On July 29, ISE Senior Fellow and public policy expert Dorothy Robyn will moderate the Enhancing Federal Clean Energy Innovation Workshop Session 3: DOD as a Source of User Pull for Clean Energy Innovation. Speakers will examine the potential benefits of and impediments to DOE and DoD collaboration in the clean energy innovation space.

About this Event

A widespread and rapid transition to low-carbon energy by 2050 is essential to keep pace with ambitious policy goals and avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Historically, energy transitions have taken 50-100 years from initial breakthrough to widespread adoption, which means this transition must be implemented on a much shorter time scale.

The National Academies is convening a workshop series to examine barriers and highlight successful strategies for accelerating clean energy innovation across the federal government. These webcast events will feature timely, action-oriented assessments of how to strengthen demand for new clean energy technologies and facilitate cross-agency and cross-sector collaboration to solve today’s energy challenges. Sessions featuring clean energy innovation experts will be broadcast online from July 27 through August 7, with opportunities for audience Q&A participation.

The opening session will feature remarks and discussion from Paul Dabbar, Department of Energy Under Secretary for Science. The workshop series' closing session will feature former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz. Additional speakers include Dan Arvizu, Norman Augustine, Jason Bordoff, Richard Carlin, Walter Copan, George Crabtree, John Deutch, Laura Diaz Anadon, Paula Gant, Chris Gould, Peter Green, Arun Majumdar, Jeffrey Marqusee, John Melo, Cherry Murray, Arati Prabhakar, Varun Sivaram, David Turk, Ellen Willams, John Wall, and Catherine Woteki.

1:00 pm on Wednesday, July 29, 2020
2:30 pm on Wednesday, July 29, 2020