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All Topics (February 2 through February 9)

Thursday, February 2

Friday, February 3

Monday, February 6

  • 9:30 AM IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to Julia

    Julia is a high-performance programming language, but with many features more common to lower performance interpreted languages. Many of its features are well suited for numerical analysis and computational science, […]

  • 11:00 AM Fast & Furious & Fair: Accurate, Equitable, and Nimble Grading

    Do you dread the pile of blue books that you have to read through for midterms and exams? Do you know how to grade, but would like to find a […]

  • 12:00 PM IS&T RCS Tutorial - Introduction to ImageJ

    ImageJ is a popular open source tool for image analysis and processing. In this tutorial we will cover the basics of digital images, the ImageJ interface, image manipulation, and performing […]

Tuesday, February 7

  • 10:00 AM IS&T RCS Tutorial - Graphics in R: ggplot2

    The R package ggplot2 is a reliable and powerful tool for graphics and plotting scientific data. This tutorial will cover the theory behind ggplot2’s approach to visualization. We will cover […]

  • 3:00 PM Career Exploration

    Considering a career outside of academia? Wondering if there are academic roles beyond a traditional faculty role that may fit your interests and skills? Join us for an interactive workshop […]

  • Developing Plans to Promote Equitable and Inclusive Research

    In this workshop, we will review strategies for writing a comprehensive plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion, and also share examples across disciplines of how research groups at BU are […]

  • 4:30 PM Tax Workshop for Domestic Doctoral Students and Postdocs

    PDPA is holding two workshops on filing your taxes by Robert Underwood, CPA. Those receiving fellowships can also attend.  Click the link to complete a form to select the webinar you […]

Wednesday, February 8

Thursday, February 9

  • 10:00 AM IS&T RCS Tutorial - Creating Pretty Documents using R Markdown and Quarto

    R Markdown is a powerful tool that helps produce elegantly formatted documents. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the rmarkdown, ggplot2, and kable packages, as well as […]

  • 11:00 AM Navigating Networking

    You know that you should be "networking," but what does that mean? And how can you navigate networking when conferences, lectures, and other events are virtual? During this interactive workshop, […]