Rodent Housing Policy

Boston University Animal Science Center (ASC) maintains centralized vivaria and resources for their optimal maintenance and use, to support animal research at BU. ASC not only provides daily care and veterinary oversight to our animals but also develops policies consistent with our animal welfare regulatory requirements at federal, state and local levels. As our vivaria constitute a university-wide shared resource, their management with respect to the housing space allocation, equipment use, biosecurity and operational oversight must be closely monitored by ASC staff. Inefficient use of these shared resources will ultimately result in higher costs for our services and increased per diem rates to the faculty. It should be noted that breeding efficiency and fecundity in mice are more often related to the strain than the daytime traffic through the area since rodents normally breed during the dark cycle.

Cage-Level Occupancy for Mice and Rats

Vivarium Space Utilization for Mice and Rats

Biosecurity Practices

ASC is committed to accommodating the needs of BU’s rodent users wherever possible. PIs may convey their preferences with justification but final decisions on the allocation of our shared resources will be made by ASC management.


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