Fertilized and Embryonated Chicken Eggs

Any investigator intending to use embryos before day 16 (or earlier) of incubation need not have IACUC approval provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. The principal investigator must submit a letter of intent to the IACUC briefly stating the procedures to be done on the embryonated eggs.
  2. The letter must state that the embryonated eggs will be used by day 16 (or earlier).
  3. The letter must state what steps will be taken (veterinary staff intervention, euthanasia, etc.) in the event that any egg inadvertently hatches.


Although pre-18-day chicken embryos cannot survive ex ovo, regulatory agency concern stems from the possibility that, if not closely monitored, the eggs could progress to hatching prior to their use. This would result in live animals, which are regulated under both PHS policy and our AAALAC International accreditation.

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