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Updated Fringe Benefit Rates for FY24/25 and Revised Budget Templates

The University has negotiated new fringe benefit rates with the Department of Health & Human Services for fiscal years 2024 and 2025. The revised Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement dated 3/27/2023 can be found here. The new rates should be reflected on all future grant and contract proposals where there will be activity on and after […]

IPAR Rebudget Template

Please complete the Rebudget Excel template for all rebudget actions, for best results download a new sheet for every rebudget to avoid overwriting existing formulas.  

Current Federal Budget Template & Non-Federal Budget Template

Sponsored Programs has updated the Federal and Non-Federal budget templates with the updated fringe rates. The budget templates can be found below. If you have questions, please reach out to your Sponsored Programs Award Officer. Federal Budget Template Federal Budget Template updated 1/30/24 Non-Federal Budget Template Non-Federal Budget Template updated 5/30/23

Updated Federal and Non-Federal Budget Templates

Sponsored Programs has updated the Federal and Non-Federal budget templates with the updated fringe rates announced on June 22, 2020 (rate agreement date of 6/10/2020). The budget templates can be found here and include the updated FY21 fringe rates and provisional FY22 fringe rates.  The templates allow you to prorate fringe calculations for Year 1 […]

Federal Demonstration Partnership Subaward Template Update

There are recent changes to the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) subaward agreement forms that BU uses. With these changes, beginning May 1, 2017, PIs will be required to share key compliance information with the Sponsored Programs Subaward Team before a subaward will be issued. In addition to confirming the subaward scope of work and budget, […]


Developing a Budget

Based on the guidelines provided by the sponsor, the proposal budget should delineate the entire cost of a project and accurately reflect costs that are necessary to complete the work. The budget should reflect the methodology described within the proposal narrative. Reviewers should be able to determine whether sufficient funds are being requested to complete […]

Cost Share

What is Cost Share? Cost sharing is a commitment of institutional funding or resources for which the University is not reimbursed by the sponsor. As a general rule, anytime an individual’s level of effort exceeds the amount of equivalent payroll distributed as a direct charge to a sponsored project, the result is cost sharing (i.e., […]

NIH FY 2023 Sponsor Updates – Salary Cap Increases to $212,100 and Revised NIH Grants Policy Statement Issued

NIH & AHRQ Updated Guidance on Salary Limitation for FY 2023 to $212,100 NIH and AHRQ have issued updated guidance regarding the salary limitation for FY 2023 reflecting an increase in accordance with the Executive Level II salary level from $203,700 to $212,100 effective January 1, 2023.   See NIH Guidance NOT-OD-23-056 and AHRQ Guidance NOT-HS-23-005 […]

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