BU Welcomes New Dive Safety Officer, Elizabeth McNamee

This month, the University welcomes Lizzie McNamee as the new Dive Safety Program Manager in BU Environmental Health & Safety and the Dive Safety Officer for the BU Scientific Diving Program. She is responsible for ensuring that all BU-sponsored scientific underwater diving activities, international and local, are carried out in an effective and safe manner and in accordance with BU policy, state and federal regulations, as well as with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences standards for scientific diving.

Lizzie’s duties include approving and facilitating dive and snorkel plans, generating and managing letters of reciprocity for multi-institutional projects, managing the use of scientific research equipment, and ensuring the compliance with all rules and regulations regarding service standards and intervals. Her responsibilities also include the instruction of the Scientific Diving course (CAS MR533) for the BU Marine Program (BUMP).

Lizzie received a bachelor’s in marine science from Boston University, a Master of Science in environmental science from Florida Atlantic University, and a Master of Education in environmental education from Florida Atlantic University.

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