Find Funding in Criminal Justice: Meet Arnold Ventures (2023)

Arnold Ventures is one of the leading funders of criminal justice reform in the country with over $1 billion in grants since its inception. Originally founded in 2010 as the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, it was restructured in 2019 as Arnold Ventures and seeks to support high impact innovative research, policy, and advocacy to achieve fundamental system change.

Arnold’s criminal justice program aims to advance community safety and the values of fairness, effectiveness, and racial justice. Workshop participants will learn about Arnold Ventures’ criminal justice program, grantmaking philosophy, priorities, iterative application process and decision-making procedure, as well as tips for how they engage with applicants. 

Lindsey Lovel, criminal justice manager, projects and Alexius Marcano, manager of criminal justice research, Arnold Ventures, will present this moderated discussion and Q&A session.


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