Finding Funding in Science: Meet the US-Israel Binational Science Foundation (2022)

The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF), in partnership with the Office of Research and Foundation Relations, will present a workshop to help acquaint researchers at BU with the Foundation’s mission, funding priorities, programs, and grant application protocols.

Founded in 1972 by an agreement between the United States and Israel, the BSF is an independent body, directed by a board of governors consisting of five American and five Israeli members.  BSF promotes academic relations between the U.S. and Israel by supporting innovative, hypothesis-driven, collaborative research across a wide range of scientific disciplines: biomedical engineering, life sciences, medicine, psychobiology, physical sciences, and social sciences.  Successful projects explore timely questions that are pertinent to the field, advance our knowledge of properties and processes that underpin the discipline, and serve peaceful and non-profit purposes.  Eligible projects must demonstrate outstanding scientific merit and clear collaboration between Israeli and American researchers from institutions throughout the two countries.

Workshop participants will:

  1. Learn about the Foundation’s mission, priorities and grant programs;
  2. Understand the Foundation’s application cycles and evaluation processes, including pre-proposal and proposal stages;
  3. Understand how the Foundation engages with applicants and prefers to build relationships with grantees.

Dr. Rachel (Heni) Haring, Assistant Executive Director at BSF, will present this moderated discussion and Q&A session.

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