New IACUC software scheduled for June launch

As Research Compliance readies to launch Click, the new IACUC software that will replace the INSPIR system, it is asking researchers to remember the following deadlines:

  • If you have a protocol expiring in June, renewals to the IACUC were due May 15 to ensure approval prior to the expiration date.
  • If you have a protocol expiring in July, please submit your renewal by June 1.

Please submit any amendments or new protocols by June 1.  Most submissions are reviewed by the Designated Member Review process and do not have to wait for an IACUC meeting.

In order to migrate protocol information from INSPIR, there will be a five-day blackout period where no changes to protocols may be made in INSPIR. This blackout period is scheduled for June 11 through 15, 2018. During this data freeze, the protocol shells will be migrated from INSPIR into Click. Shells for CRC protocols will also be created during this time. Once the protocol shells are created, a PDF of the currently approved protocol will be attached and will serve as the document of reference during the transition period.

Go Live is presently scheduled for June 18, 2018. Once Click goes live, this IACUC software will be used for both BUMC and CRC and will replace INSPIR and paper protocols.  INSPIR will be available for a time as read only. Training sessions will be held beginning the first week in June. Please check the Research Support calendar for training times and locations.

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