Major in Religion

The Department of Religion welcomes Majors and Minors from the various colleges of Boston University.

A student graduating with a B.A. in Religion (or a dual major in religion) will have learned the following:

  • A knowledge of multiple religious traditions, their history, ideas, rituals, and vocabulary;
  • The ability to interpret critically religious texts, ritual practices, and other forms of religious expression;
  • An understanding of major theoretical models for the study of religion;
  • The ability to research religious events, phenomena, and ideas in a substantive and responsible way; and
  • An advanced knowledge of at least one religious tradition.

You can find our specific course- and distribution requirements here.

When you are ready to declare your Religion Major, you should take the following steps:

  1. Use the online form to declare your major or go to the CAS Advising Office located at 100 Bay State Rd, Rm 401 to fill out a  Declaration of Major  form.
  2. The Administrative Coordinator will assign an academic advisor, or you can request a specific member of our faculty (to request an advisor, email Your academic advisor will help you design a program of study to meet all departmental requirements.

For further information, contact