Amanda J.G. Napior is a doctoral candidate in the Graduate Program in Religion, where she is writing an ethnographic and historical dissertation on rehabilitation and religion in modern Corrections. Drawing upon the scholarly traditions of American religious history, phenomenological anthropology, and critical race, gender, and sexuality studies, Amanda is exploring the lived and historical connections between faith in the possibility of personal transformation and systems of incarceration in the United States. She has an article forthcoming in American Quarterly, and has been published in The Journal of Ritual Studies and Journal of Correctional Education. Amanda is also a proud contributor to two books on trauma-informed yoga. With a background as a hairstylist, yoga instructor, and teacher in prisons, Amanda has consistently turned scholarly attention to phenomena she has noticed in practice. Amanda holds an M.Div. from Harvard Divinity School with a focus in Christianity and a B.A. in religion, with an emphasis in American religious history, from the University of California at Santa Barbara.