Religion Course Wait-list Form

Religion Discussion Section Form: only use this form if you are enrolled in the course Lecture

  • Seats in some courses are reserved for students in each class year.

  • Discussion sections are closed to prevent students not enrolled in Lecture from enrolling. Submit Discussion Section Form.

Wait-list Procedure

Preference is given to CAS/GRS RN students. Within each of these groups, preference is given to those who sign up for the wait-list earliest. Preference may also be given to students in a specific class year at the discretion of the Professor.

The department will be in contact with you by email if we are able to add you to a course from the wait-list. Be sure to check your email regularly while on the wait-list. Any inquiries can be sent to

What we do have wait-lists for:

  • CAS/GRS RN courses fall and spring semesters
  • Courses listed with the Religion Department that are currently posted as “full” or you are unable to register for due to reserved seats

What we do not have wait-lists for:

  • Non-CAS/GRS RN courses (if a class is cross-listed with a course in a different department, we only maintain a wait-list for the RN course)
  • Summer I or II courses
  • RN courses in which all lecture seats are not full

Remember to update your local address and BU Alert phone number every semester by visiting the Personal Tab, then Compliance Status on the StudentLink. We cannot add you to a class from the wait-list unless you are fully compliant with the university!

***You may not submit wait-list requests before your registration time on the StudentLink***