Articles & Presentations


Click on the links below to see some of the presentations from the Massachusetts Practice Based Research Network:

A participatory approach to planning for regional public health services in Massachusetts

Retail food safety standards for local public health inspectional services in Massachusetts

What impacts capacity to perform essential services

 Additionally, you can read the following articles (copyright prohibits us from hosting directly):

 Hyde, J,  Arsenault, L, Waggett, J, Mills, B, Cox, H, Macvarish, K, and Fried, L.  (2012) Structural and organizational characteristics associated with performance of essential public health services in small jurisdictions: Findings from a statewide study in Massachusetts.  Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.  18(6):585-594

Hyde, J, Cox H, MacVarish K, Wilkinson G. (2012) Massachusetts Public Health Practice-Based Research Network: Generating evidence to improve the equitable delivery of public health services across the Commonwealth.  Leadership in Public Health. Winter.

And from the Institute for Community Health:

Cross-Jurisdictional Service Sharing What Makes it Work