√     The Regionalization Project Working Group, along with our legislative sponsors, Senator Susan C. Fargo and Representative Peter J. Koutoujian, introduced a bill which Governor Deval Patrick signing into law: Chapter 529 of the Acts of 2008, an Act Relative to Public Health Regionalization.  This law removes some of the legal barriers that had served as disincentives for local municipalities to regionalize public health services.

√     The Working Group subcommittees release reports on various regionalization considerations such as workforce credentialing, health district bylaws, funding formulas and several other areas.

√     The Working Group and its subcommittees created and disseminated a comprehensive Public Health District Planning Toolkit to help towns or groups of towns assess their readiness and plan for regionalizing public health services.

√     Five sites across the Commonwealth receive four year implementation funding through the Public Health District Incentive Grants to enable them to share public health services with the aim to provide better quality and more equitable services to their populations

√     Dean Harold Cox, from Boston University School of Public Health, is named to the Technical Advisors Team of The Center for Sharing Public Health Services

√     In January 2013, the Center for Sharing Public Health Services announced grants totaling nearly $2 million to 16 teams of health departments across the United States. The Central Massachusetts Regional Public Health Alliance (CMRPHA), based in Worcester, MA, is chosen as one of these sites to further develop the capacity and capabilities of the newly formed multi-jurisdiction district to perform effectively and efficiently with a goal of accreditation by 2015

√     The MA Public Health Regionalization Project, along with the Massachusetts Public Health Association are working together to establish a special commission on Local and Regional Health in Massachusetts, with the specific aim of assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of municipal and regional public health systems in Massachusetts and to make recommendations to strengthen the delivery of public health services and preventive measures.