The Post 9/11 Veterans Yellow Ribbon Program Application for the 17-18 academic year will open on March 27th at 9am and close on the 3rd of April at 5pm.

The application will open to create a queue for students that wish to be awarded YRP scholarships. Once the queue is created and closed, awarding will happen at a later date. Information on how many open slots exist or will exist is not yet available.

All-University YRP open enrollment for the VA 2017-2018 academic year has ended. Please e-mail if you have any questions concerning the Yellow Ribbon porgram.

  1. BU is a participant in the Yellow Ribbon Program.
  2. The Yellow Ribbon Program will only work while the student has remaining Chapter 33 benefit.
  3. Students must be matriculated to receive YRP. (Students must take classes towards a specific degree program).
  4. Only students entitled to the maximum benefit rate of (100%), based on service requirements, may receive this funding.
  5. Will be removed from YRP if not enrolled by add deadline for Fall & Spring semesters.
    1. This includes involuntary suspensions.
    2. YRP can be used during Summer terms within the same academic year as its usage.
  6. Will be removed from YRP after graduation, even if continuing studies. Students must reapply for their next degree program.
  7. YRP awardees may defer admission for a semester, if that semester is their freshman year in that program. This may happen if the student applies in April for YRP, receives admission, but does not enroll until the next semester.
  8. Will not be removed due to poor performance; however, if student withdraws, the student will be removed.
    1. The 3rd consistent failure must be paid back to the VA.
  9. All Cross-Registration (XRG) and Non-Credit Degree (NCD) students are ineligible for YRP. This includes:
    1. Center for Professional Education (CPE)
    2. Fitness Recreation (FitRec)
    3. Food & Wine
  10. All students designated as ‘Summer Students’ (SUM) are ineligible for YRP.
  11. Students on active duty are not eligible to receive YRP.
  12. Once selected, undergraduate students will be confirmed as a Yellow Ribbon Program participant for the shorter of the two following periods; 16 terms (4 years) of enrollment at BU or completion of student’s Bachelor Degree requirements as long as BU continues to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and VA education benefits still apply.
  13. Once selected, graduate students will be confirmed as a Yellow Ribbon Program participant for the shorter of the two following periods; 16 semesters (4 years) of enrollment at BU or completion of student’s Master or Ph.D degree requirements as long as BU continues to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program and VA education benefits still apply.
  14. BU YRP Policy is subject to change without notice.
  15. All Post 9/11 Chapter 33 beneficiaries are responsible for knowing whether they are eligible for YRP or not as well as knowing their remaining benefit. For example, come Summer 2 2017, and the student/spouse is found to be an “active duty” service member, a YRP disqualification, they are no longer eligible for YRP; furthermore, even if BU OVA appeals to the VA for YRP money to override this disqualification, the VA will not grant any appeal.
  16. BU’s “acceptance” of YRP is conditional upon VA eligibility requirements. If YRP is asked for and granted by BU, BU will rescind it if the student/spouse is found to be ineligible for the YRP award via VA compliance standards.
  17. In essence, the veteran beneficiary is responsible for knowing whether they or their spouse is or is not eligible for YRP as well as their remaining VA benefit, not Boston University.

YRP: Yellow Ribbon Program
XRG: Cross-Registration
NCD: Non-Credit Degree
CPE: Center for Professional Education
FitRec: Fitness Recreation Center

VA YRP Policy and Eligibly Information

Waiting List:
BU’s current YRP allocation is 40 awards totallying $7,000 each. Once all available awards are awarded to eligible All-University students, remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list, chronologically. This sequence will then be the place in line to be awarded All-University YRP once a previous student loses their YRP eligibility (graduates/exceeds 4 years in a program/withdrawal). Assignment of a failing grade and low GPA are not grounds for losing YRP eligibility at BU, IAW VA YRP Policy.

Notification of award/waiting list will be completed by the Veteran Services Coordinator via the Office of Financial Aid.

The chances of receiving All-University YRP while on the waiting list obviously differ with how low a student’s waiting list number is. Based upon previous data, if a student has a waiting list number of 10 or lower, they have a greater than 50% chance of attaining the award before next year’s cycle. Please keep in mind that this is only a projection.

Veteran beneficiary students that are enrolled in a part-time MET graduate degree program DO NOT need the All-University YRP. MET graduate program tuition is tailored to work with the MET YRP so that the whole program is paid for as long as the student is enrolled part-time. MET graduate students enrolled at full-time should apply for the All-University YRP, as going at the full-time rate doubles the cost of the program. Details on this can be found here:

Eligible students who are found to need the MET YRP are automatically added and administered, and will be removed from the All-University YRP waiting list.

To participate in the Yellow Ribbon Policy, you must be using Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits at 100% eligibility; check with the Veterans Administration to determine your YRP eligibility.