“As a full time employee and doctoral student, staying close to campus has been my primary concern. My apartment through BU Real Estate has exceeded my expectation, not only in regards to location but also in regards to how beautiful, spacious and private my space has been. The friendly and courteous staff has always been helpful and made moving in and living near BU incredibly easy. Living through BU Real Estate is the perfect hybrid; the safety and convenience of University housing is combined with privacy of living on your own and incredible apartment style living close to everything Boston has to offer.”

Class of 2019
Wheelock College of Education & Human Development

“For the first year of my MA program I lived in Allston with many other students. I had seen the Real Estate’s website but decided that I could find a comparable apartment for less money off- campus. I would say that I was able to do just that- however with unpleasant consequences. I had heard the horror stories of living in Boston, but decided to trust the photos I saw online of an apartment, hoping that it would be clean and safe when I finally viewed it in person. To begin with, the commute each morning was dreadful as several buses would pass by completely full, leaving me standing in the rain or snow. The building I lived in was hardly maintained and literally falling apart. Maintenance issues went unresolved for months at a time. The streets and sidewalks off-campus in Allston were filthy, icy in the winter, and extremely noisy at night. The whole year I never had the comfort of coming home after class to a warm and comfortable apartment. In my second year, when it came to looking at my options, I decided to investigate the BU Real Estate office’s choices – I am very glad that I did. I now live on campus in a clean and well maintained building with no commuting nightmares. Rent in Boston is expensive but the rent with the Real Estate office is manageable and all maintenance requests have been addressed promptly – plus I am saving a lot of time and hassle with no daily commute. I look forward to coming home at night to a warm and dependable living situation. I highly recommend choosing to rent with the Boston University Real Estate office: their attentiveness to my concerns made the scary process of finding housing in a new city easy so that I could focus on school.”

Class of 2014
College of Arts & Sciences

“Looking for apartments from all the way across the country seemed like a daunting task at first, but when I browsed through the Real Estate website, I was comforted to know that BU offered detailed information and assistance in securing graduate housing.  While on the waitlist for 580 Commonwealth Ave., I was always kept very updated and informed about how the process was going by the office and was excited when I heard that I had gotten an apartment at 580.

I was a little nervous about not having seen the apartment before I came to Boston, but when I moved in, I was very impressed by the great condition of the building and the cleanliness of my apartment. I liked that after I moved in, I did not have to worry about any maintenance or other matters dealing with the apartment and I could just focus on preparing for school. The apartment was perfect and I had a good time getting situated. The fact that it is a ten minute walk to the law school is definitely a plus, especially coming from California, I was dreading a far commute for the winter!

Everyone I’ve met in Boston comments on what a good location I live at because everything is nearby, including a T stop. The view of the Charles River doesn’t hurt either! :) For me, it was important to find a place that I could call home in Boston and enjoy coming home to, and I definitely found that at 580 Commonwealth Avenue.”

Class of 2013
School of Law

“The Real Estate office made finding an apartment in Boston incredibly easy. I came from California and they were very flexible with me to make an appointment me to fit my travel schedule. A student toured me around to several available apartments and when I found one that fit what I was looking for, I was able to reserve it with little effort. Working with the BU Real Estate office was an extremely positive experience and I definitely recommend it if you are moving to Boston from elsewhere.”

Class of 2013
Questrom School of Business

“Living at 580 has been great. The atmosphere is quiet enough that I can get my work done, while at the same time people are friendly and have become real neighbors. Also, I can save so much time and money on transportation because I live so close to my classes.  The move from California to Boston was so easy. I arrived in the early hours of the morning, and was still able to sign my lease, and get the keys to my apartment right away. The apartment is perfect for my needs. Plus there is plenty of space to have friends come over to hang out or watch movies. I’m glad I made the choice to live in 580, and I am fortunate enough to be here!”

Class of 2012
College of Communication

“I am a student at BU Law school from Azerbaijan. I live in a studio apartment at 580 Commonwealth Avenue. Before arriving to Boston I was stressed out because of the housing issue. I was thousands of miles away from US and wanted to rent a good apartment beforehand as would not have enough time after arrival. There were lots of options, but I did not want to deal with any brokers or random people. I decided to rent an apartment at 580 even though I did not see it and was unaware of its layout. The building turned out to be very safe and in walking distance from the key points on the campus, including all BU buildings, shops, post offices and etc. People in the rental office are very nice and easy to deal with. The apartment is comfortable and enjoyable to stay in. The thing I like the most, apart from the convenience, as an international student is that we have a strong security system and feel ourselves completely safe. I am glad I am renting an apartment from the Real Estate office and I do encourage all international students who are in the same situation as I was a couple of months ago to do the same!”

Class of 2011
School of Law

“Living in a Boston University graduate student apartment well exceeded my expectations. From the initial application process to the final move out, working with the Real Estate office has been a wonderful experience. Coming from California, I was nervous about being able to find a nice, safe and convenient apartment without getting scammed by agents and brokers on Craigslist. I was also concerned about the apartment-finding process interfering with my graduate program orientation and getting settled in to a new city. Fortunately, the RE is a Boston University-run office and I was able to trust them to assist me with locating a great BU apartment, the same way I trusted Boston University to provide me a great graduate education.

After providing the office with my apartment requirements and budget, they showed me multiple apartment options and let me pick the unit I liked the best. I selected the 580 Commonwealth Avenue building because it was one of the newest apartment buildings in the area and provided me the opportunity to have my own studio apartment (with full kitchen and bathroom), but still live in a building full of other BU graduate students. Living in 580 has enabled me to develop great friendships with students from other graduate programs, whom I would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

For anyone nervous about the apartment search process or looking to find the best apartments around the Boston University campus, I would highly recommend working with the Real Estate office.”

Class of 2010
Questrom School of Business

“Acquiring convenient, safe, and affordable housing accommodations when one decides to return to college is perhaps the first thing a graduate student focuses on after that acceptance letter comes in the mail! It was of utmost importance to me having lived and traveled for many years in and around military communities in the United States.

At first glance, it appeared that living off-campus was more affordable and analogous to my current lifestyle at that time; however, when I considered convenience, transportation, and utilities, ultimately my decision was to live in a Boston University apartment managed by the Boston University Real Estate (RE) office. RE provided me with peace of mind in terms of safety, convenience, and an affordable living environment that met my needs.

From the outset, I was very impressed with the professional and friendly demeanor of the staff from the initial application process which began by phone from North Carolina and continued through my move-in date and thereafter once classes began. What began as an efficient working relationship between me (a first-year seasoned Seminary student) and the RE staff has blossomed into a valued relationship in that they have become part of the esteemed community that I look forward to seeing when I visit Boston now that I have graduated. During my matriculation at BUSTH, I lived in two rental properties managed by the RE office. During my first year, I lived in the 580 Commonwealth Avenue building. It was a great fit for me in that living there supported my personal preferences while achieving my academic goals with much success! During my second year, I lived in an apartment on Park Drive, also managed by the RE office. My daughter entered the BUSTH as a first year graduate student and suggested that we live together. This required a larger apartment. The staff was very thoughtful and worked to help us find the best fit for a mother/daughter roommate situation. We shared a memorable and fun year together because of the great RE professional team… that, I may add, has that personal touch when working with people from all over the world. That, in and of itself, is to be commended! BU is a highly diverse community.

I would highly recommend the RE office for any student (regardless of age) seeking the best apartments around the BU campus for safe, convenient, and affordable living environments/communities. It can be a very daunting experience for an individual to arrive in a new city to begin a new way of living as a student. Where one chooses to live and the process of obtaining that living space can be less intimidating having people like the staff at the RE to assure you that the place you will call home for a season in your life is truly a gift and a blessing! One that I will most certainly never forget.”

Class of 2009
School of Theology