Congratulations to Our 2023 Certificate Recipients!

We had thirteen students graduate with the Religion and Conflict Transformation Certificate in Spring 2023. Congratulations to each of you! The names of those who completed all requirements for the certificate are listed below:





Barton, Rachel, Judith (BU, 2023)
Blair, David (BU, 2023)
Bryans, Darrah (BU, 2023)
Carman, Daniel, Anthony (BU, 2023)
De Grood, Anine (BU, 2023)
Gosen, Evan (BU, 2023)
Kelly, Kasey (BU, 2023)
Ney, Christopher (BU, 2023)
Park, Yewon (BU, 2023)
Perry, Cynthia (BU, 2023)
Reynolds, Adam (BU, 2023)
Saha, Rumni (BU, 2023)
Yuen, Stacey (BU, 2023)

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