Camaraderie. Collaboration. Community.

Joining any one of our undergraduate clubs and organizations will provide you with unforgettable experiences, valuable skills, and meaningful connections during your time at Questrom.

Join a club (or join a few)

Our undergraduate clubs and organizations are just as unique as our student body. With professional, student government, affinity and cultural, and general interest clubs, you’ll be able to tailor your student experience to suit you best. These student-run organizations will give you an opportunity to lead and learn alongside your peers. With a calendar jam-packed with events, you’ll always find something going on at Questrom.

Turn your ideas into actions

If you’re eager to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, get involved with the Innovate@BU initiative, an inventive way to bring together movers and shakers to discover creative and innovative solutions to societal problems.

Explore areas of interest in greater depth

Ready for a rigorous academic challenge? The Boston University Questrom Honors program invites the most academically talented and tremendously motivated students to engage in small and specialized colloquia and seminars, lead discussions on important topics with peers, and develop a professional and social network.

Celebrate your identity

If you’re an African-American/Black, Hispanic, Latinx, Native American, Pacific Islander, or a first-generation college student, consider acclimating to your time here with Questrom’s Ascend fellowship. Ascend will allow you to build your community, explore Boston, and provide you with an immediate support system. Eager to help out other minority students? Starting your sophomore year, you’ll have the opportunity to become an Ascend mentor.

Get ready to go global

Love to travel? You can venture beyond Boston by studying abroad on 4 continents, allowing you to expand your professional network, experience different perspectives on the world, education, and management practices, strengthen proficiency in another language, and more.

Student Government

The Undergraduate Student Government is responsible for creating an environment that enhances the Questrom undergraduate community and student life. They actively work with and on behalf of the students to facilitate communication between faculty, administration, alumni, as well as the greater BU community. The student government plans programming, community service initiatives, conferences for the student community. They also build partnerships with alumni and organize events to support student experience on campus.

Student Organizations