They’re soon to be professionals. We help them get there—from day one.


Questrom’s undergraduate curriculum is balanced between a core of required courses and a broad variety of electives, developing strong competency without sacrificing flexibility. It all adds up to a program that gives students skills and knowledge that recruiters love (just take a look at our undergrad employment stats).

Questrom’s undergraduate program has a global focus and students are encouraged to study abroad. Not only does studying abroad provide an opportunity to gain a world perspective, it also gives students a competitive advantage in the job market by demonstrating an awareness of a culture beyond their own and of the global economy. Questrom also has its own unique Honors Program designed to challenge students intellectually.


The Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center (UDC) is a Questrom-based resource that provides academic advising and support, curricular planning, and career exploration and assessment. Academic advisors in the UDC help students create a four-year plan, guiding them through class selection, participation in co-curricular activities, and transitioning from high school to college.The mission of the Undergraduate Academic & Career Development Center (UDC) is to support the Questrom community by providing intentionally designed programs and services to enrich the academic, personal, and professional development of students in a respectful, inclusive, and equitable learning environment.


With a strong partnership with Career Advisors in the UDC from the start, we help students plan early and often. All students are enrolled in required career courses during their four years, advancing them into a focused career plan for their future. Career advisors help with career exploration, job search strategy, and resume development before collaborating with the Feld Center Industry Relations managers who will help students gain tailored connections to employers and alumni. Students, alumni, and parents are encouraged to join Questrom Connect, our web-based professional networking and mentorship community to help find new career opportunities.

Outside of the classroom students gain access to career fairs, employer “meet and greets” small group networking, and career exploration nights with alumni.


Questrom students are interning across functions and industries at companies including PwC, Macy’s, TJX, IBM, Accenture, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Amazon, Trip Advisor, BNY Mellon, Liberty Mutual, Charles Schwab, Sapient Nitro, KPMG, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and even Google! Typically, Questrom students complete at least three semester-long internships prior to graduation (some students do up to five), allowing them more flexibility in how and where they build professional skills. As a parent, it’s important to talk with your student and encourage them to seek out internships that are meaningful to their career aspirations.


Many of you belong to successful growing companies and lead them forward each day. We hope you will tap into the incredible talent here at Questrom by posting job opportunities or internships. Or, share your career path in one of our classrooms.

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Jessica Orthman

How Can You Support Your Student’s Career Development?

Believe it or not, you play a big role in your student’s career success. Here’s how you can help them succeed in this process.

Share Connections: This is one of the most effective ways you can help! We always encourage students to start by connecting with who they know first.

  • We hear many success stories of students landing internships and interviews through family connections, so we fully encourage you to help by sharing any networking contacts and internal referral opportunities as possible.
  • If your student is adamant about managing this process on their own, remind them that connections only help get interviews, not job offers, and that it’s truly their talents that will land them the position.     

Ask and Listen: Regardless of what year your student is in, career will always be top of mind as it is deeply ingrained within the Questrom culture. They will need your support as they navigate this new world.

  • Most students use their freshman and sophomore year to identify classes they enjoy, find clubs that interest them, attend their first career fair, and test the waters of professional networking. Learn about this process and see if there are ways to shed light into careers or industries they are thinking about.
  • Juniors and seniors are usually more focused on landing career relevant internships and reviewing their first full-time job offer. There tends to be a lot of ‘choice angst’ in picking the right job at the right company for the right salary. Encourage your student to keep a big picture view by reminding them that this is just the beginning of a life-long process. This will help them make choices more connected to their passions with less emphasis on what appears to be ‘the right choice’.

Let them fail: For many Questrom students, the internship and job search process is the first time they face rejection and failure. Some students don’t involve parents in their application process for fear of disappointing them if they don’t get the opportunity. Others will overly involve parents, which may cause more stress for you than them.

  • If opportunities don’t pan out for them, help by empathizing with their situation and encourage them not to give up on the process; resiliency is crucial in having a successful job search and overall professional career.
  • Remind them that a particular company can always be an option in the future, and that there are many other positions for them to explore. Though this is something they may already know, it can be validating to hear this again from you.

    Encourage a conversation with a UDC Career Advisor: Identifying career interests that lead to a fulfilling career is an on-going process. Your student’s interests will change as they learn and grow throughout their four years in college and we want to make 100% sure they don’t feel alone on their journey. Building a relationship with a career advisor is a great first step in the process so they have a go-to career person that can support them as things pop up along the way. If your student has yet to make an appointment with a UDC Career Advisor, please encourage them to schedule a meeting on Handshake to support their successful launch into a young professional.