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Estelle Yuan Sun

  • Griffin, P., Lont, D., & Sun, E. (2017). The Relevance of Investors of Greenhouse Gas Emission Disclosures. Contemporary Accounting Research, 34(2) 1265–1297
  • Lawrence, A., Sloan, R., & Sun, E. Why Are Losses Less Persistent Than Profits? Curtailments versus Conservatism, Management Science, 64(1) 22-Jan

Gregory Sabin 

  • Sabin, G. L. Managing Trade Risk In Uncertain Times, The Risk Institute
  • Gallani, S., Sabin, G. L. , & Cui, K. J.C. Penney: Tough Choices for Allen Questrom, Harvard Business Publishing


Andrea Vedolin 

  • Choi, H., Mueller, P., & Vedolin, A. (2017). Bond Variance Risk Premiums, Review of Finance, 21(3) 987-1022
  • Mueller, P., Vedolin, A., & Tahbaz-Salehi, A. Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy Uncertainty, Journal of Finance, 72 (3), 1213-1252
  • Mueller, P., Vedolin, A., & Stathopoulos, A. International Correlation Risk, Journal of Financial Economics, 126 (2), 270-299

Andrew Lyasoff

Lucy White

Mark Williams

  • Williams, M. T. Trump’s Failed Economic Policy Could Push the US Back into Recession by 2018 Business Insider
  • Williams, M. T. There are Signs Trump is Preparing a Hostile Takeover of the Fed, Business Insider

Israel Shaked

  • Shaked, I., & Reilly, R. A Practical Guide to Bankruptcy Valuation, 2nd edition, American Bankruptcy Institute

Scott Robertson

Steven Kou

Yerkin Kitapbayev

  • Kitapbayev, Y., & Angelis, T. Integral equations for Rost’s reversed barriers: existence and uniqueness results, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 127(10) 3447-3464
  • Kitapbayev, Y., & Leung, T. Optimal Mean-Reverting Spread Trading: Nonlinear Integral Equation Approach, Annals of Finance,13(2) 181-203

Information Systems

Andrei Hagiu

Jayakanth Srinivasan

Marshall Van Alstyne 

  • Tabors, R., Caramanis, M., Van Alstyne, M., & Parker, G. Distributed Energy Resources: New Markets and New Products, Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 5(8)
  • Van Alstyne, M., Fiore, A., & Schneider, S. Crowdsourcing: 4 Mistakes that Kill Crowdsourcing Efforts, Harvard Business Review, (July)21
  • Wang, X., Cenamore, J., Van Alstyne, M., & Parker, G. Unraveling Platform Strategies: A Review from an Organizational Ambidexterity, Perspective Sustainability , 9(5), 734
  • Parker, G., Van Alstyne, M., & Jiang, X. Platform Ecosystems: How Developers Invert the Firm, MIS Quarterly, 41(1) 255-266

N. Venkatraman

Stephanie Watts


Andrey Fradkin

  • Baker, S., & Fradkin, A. The Impact of Unemployment Insurance on Job Search: Evidence from Google Search Data, Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(5) 756-768

Barbara Bickart

Carey Morewedge

Daniella Kupor

Garrett Johnson

Masha Ksendzova

Monic Sun

Nina Mazar

Remi Trudel

Shuba Srinivasan

Markets, Public Policy & Law

Alan Cohen

  • Cohen, A., Grogan, C., & Horwitt, J. The Many Roads toward Achieving Health Equity, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, 42(5)
  • Cohen, A., Grogan, C., & Horwitt, J. Special Issue: The Politics and Challenges of Achieving Health Equity, Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
  • Cohen, A. Point-Counterpoint: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Medical Care and the Issue of Model Transparency, Medical Care, 55(11) 907-908

Kabrina Chang

Keith Ericson

Michael Salinger

Patricia Cortes

  • Cortes, P., & Pan, J. Cross-Country Evidence on the Relationship between Overwork and Skilled Women’s Job Choices, American Economic Review, 107(5) 105-109

Peter Fox-Penner

Robert Metcalfe

Shulamit Kahn

Tal Gross

Operations & Technology Management

Anita Tucker

Pnina Feldman

  • Cachon, G., & Feldman, P. (2017). Is Advance Selling Desirable with Competition? Marketing Science, 36(2), 214-231.

Nitin Joglekar

  • Mazumder, M., Horenstein, M., Joglekar, N., et al. (2017). Mitigation of Dust Impact on Solar Collectors by Water-Free Cleaning with Transparent Electrodynamic Films: Progress and Challenges. IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 7(5), 1342-1353.
  • Garg, T., Eppinger, S., Joglekar, N., & Olechowski, A. (2017). Using TRLs and system architecture to estimate technology integration risk. Proceedings of 21st ICED Conference.
  • Olechowski, A., Eppinger, S., & Joglekar, N. (2017). Assessment of Back-up Plan, Delay, and Waiver Options at Project Gate Reviews. Proceedings of 21st ICED Conference.

Yoo Taek Lee

Organizational Behavior

Michel Anteby

  • Anteby, M., & Anderson, C. (2017). Oxford Handbook of Management. Oxford University Press, 386-398.

 Evan Apfelbaum

Paul Hutchinson

Jack McCarthy

  • McCarthy, J., & Allen, C. (2017). Creative Leadership Development: Curating an Innovative Learning Community. Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, 44(1).
  • McCarthy, J., & Ryan, E. (2017). Supermindfulness: Presence and Flexibility for Developing Creative and Resilient Leaders. Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, 44(1).

Constance Hadley

Strategy & Innovation

Kira Fabrizio

  • Fabrizio, K. R., Poczter, S., & Zelner, B. A. (2017). Does innovation policy attract international competition? Evidence from energy storage. Research Policy, 46(6), 1106-1117.

Caroline Flammer

Jeffrey Furman

  • Furman, J. (2017). On the Shoulders of Giants: Colleagues Remember Suzanne Scotchmer’s Contributions to Economics. Cambridge U Press, 358-364.
  • Furman, J., Gawer, A., Stern, S., & Silverman, B. (2017). Advances in Strategic Management: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Platforms. Emerald Publishing: Bingley UK, Introductory Chapter, ix-xix.
  • Wang, Y., Jizhen, L., & Furman, J. (2017). Firm performance and state innovation funding: Evidence from China’s Innofund program. Research Policy, 46(6), 1142-1161.

Stine Grodal 

  • Grodal, S., & Kahl, S. (2017). The Discursive Perspective of Market Categorization: Interaction, Power, and Context. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 51, 149-182.
  • Grodal, S., & O’Mahony, S. (2017). How does a grand challenge become displaced? Explaining the duality of field mobilization. Academy of Management Journal, 60(5), 1801-1827.

Joe LiPuma

Gregory Stoller