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Skilling at Scale.

The Digital Business Series supports corporations by providing engaging, self-paced, online courses that are scalable across all levels of an organization. These cutting-edge courses are providing the modern enterprise learner with actionable content, an engaging user experience at all levels, and searchable metadata that can be tracked according to companies’ critical talent needs and strategic goals.

Our content-rich learning platform is customizable, collaborative, and ready-to-go for learning as you like it. With Questrom Digital, you can bring world-renowned faculty and invaluable business lessons directly to your employees, wherever they are—and whenever you like.

By earning digital credentials through BU Questrom, and adding them to their professional toolkit, your employees will be motivated to learn. Digital badges empower professionals and organizations by providing an easy method to share verified learning achievements and credentials.

Self-Paced Online Courses

We can digitally deliver our leading content to your organization, and even co-brand digital badges or bundle courses with webinars, discussions, assessments, and more. We provide your employees with self-paced solutions for both individuals and cohorts.

Blended Learning Custom Programs

Combining the traditional classroom experience with online learning offers reach and flexibility. By augmenting face-to-face sessions with asynchronous or synchronous online modules, these custom-designed programs are well suited to geographically diverse audiences.

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