Customer Insight Lab: BU’s Catalyst Program

  • The Catalyst program is a hands-on action learning program that equips participants with valuable skills around bringing technical inventions to the market. This program teaches you how to shift the paradigm from a technology-centric focus to a customer-centric focus, with a goal of solving customers’ critical problems.
  • After receiving 8 hours of online training in customer discovery, participants are put into teams and paired with a BU Principal Investigator/faculty member from across the university.
  • Participants interview potential customers of the new technology and report back on their key learnings about the viability of the market. Specifically participants learn how to create hypotheses, test their hypotheses through interviewing the right people, and synthesize the patterns in this data. The course culminates in a presentation to an audience of faculty and experienced entrepreneurs.
  • This program is available exclusively to Boston University graduates.

October 17 – December 5, 2023.
Live virtual session dates on:
October 17 5:30-9:00 ET and October 24 5:30-9:00 ET.
Participants separately meet with the principal investigator at a mutually convenient time.
Other session times are determined by the teams and include required check-in office hours with the instructor and the final presentation.
Special introductory pricing:
$895 (regular pricing $1,495) Available exclusively to BU alumni

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Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a Certificate in Customer Discovery Practitioner from Boston University Questrom School of Business.

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Alice Nichols
National Instructor for I Corps
Instructor in Customer Discovery
for BU’s Catalyst program

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