Questrom’s globally diverse community is fertile ground for expanding the way our undergraduates see the world.

Here you’ll be surrounded by individuals who inspire you, push you to improve, open your eyes to new approaches, and drive you to create value for our world. You’ll bring your own unique vantage point, add to the mix, and impact the education of those you’ll learn alongside—both inside and outside of the classroom.

Questrom Undergraduate Students by numbers (2021)


Questrom Ascend

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities that create an enriching and dynamic student experience. This year, we celebrated that difference by launching the very first year of the Questrom Ascend program, a fellowship for undergraduate African-American/Black, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, and first-generation college students. Learn more about the fellowship:

Questrom Ascend Fellowship

myQuestrom Student Groups

These groups are open to students of all identities who support the mission of Questrom and encourage students to engage in dialogues on business and identity.

Undergraduate Assistants for Diversity & Inclusion

Our students know what it means to be a leader. Plain and simple. As undergraduates they’re given the opportunity to become involved with a number of different student clubs and groups both at Questrom, and across BU’s campus.

Jeffrey Lowe
Class of 2021

Diversity has shaped my community by allowing me to gain new ideas and perspectives about life. I wanted to go to a college that embraced diversity with passion, and Questrom has done just that. I have learned more about other people and their beliefs in the short time I have been at Questrom than I have anywhere else.

Kalkidan Tewodros
Class of 2021




Jessica Senquiz
Class of 2022





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