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At the cornerstone of teamwork is the collection of varying viewpoints, and at the Questrom we pride ourselves on our diverse student body who enrich our community with their distinct perspectives.

Students from the graduate full and part-time programs hail from more than 41 nations around the globe, providing a classroom environment conducive to experiencing an extensive exchange of ideas.

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In our community-focused culture, you’ll find a number of resources and initiatives to shape your ideas, foster your learning and facilitate cultural exchange. Take a look at some of them:

Women in Leadership

At Questrom, women are encouraged to be go-getters from the start. Our faculty, staff, resources, clubs, and events empower women to be fearless in their professional pursuits. You’ll thrive in a supportive and inclusive community while learning from successful leaders and enriching your world by listening to others.

Graduate Assistants for Diversity & Inclusion

Airian Williams
MBA, Social Impact
Class of 2021



Weidong Mi
Class of 2021


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