Collaborative. Active. Interdisciplinary. Follow your passions–inside and outside of the classroom.

Questrom students are intellectually curious, always asking questions, and eager to learn new things. That’s why we’ve introduced Learning Communities, groups of students, faculty, and alumni all rallying around a particular area of interest. Whether it’s a functional area like marketing or an entire industry like health and life sciences, there are Learning Communities to support you as you dive deep into your interests. The best part? You can choose to join as many as you’d like–just follow your passions.

As a partnership between students, student organizations, alumni, faculty, and staff in the MBA Center and the Feld Center for Industry Alliances, Learning Communities offer you a unique way to further your intellectual interest and make important connections. 

As part of a Learning Community, you’ll get the low-down on career paths in the field, relevant course offerings, and extracurricular activities going on around campus that relate to your interests and more to help keep you on the cutting edge of what business topics you care about most.

What’s more, being a part of a Learning Community doesn’t stop upon graduation–as an alum, you’ll have a network of peers with similar interests that will last long beyond your time at Questrom. You’ll also be able to engage with the communities through LinkedIn groups, keeping you connected and in communication.

Learning Communities

  • Finance
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Organizational Transformation
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Technology & Operations


Focus Areas

In addition to Learning Communities, you can tailor your degree by building a custom focus area with a combination of specializations or career pathways.