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If you’re an adventure-seeking, dive-right-in, hands-on type of student, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to learn outside the classroom and beyond the book with Questrom’s global experiences.

These global experiences can consist of global immersion courses, student-led treks, and more. While the types of experiences and geographical locations vary, they all have one thing in common: they’ll provide you with international experience to enrich both your education and your mind.

Global Immersion Courses

These 3-credit electives not only provide a chance to go global but are typically completed in just one to two weeks, lightening your course load as you move forward in your program. You’ll get the chance to delve into the international business world by speaking with CEOs and managers from across the globe, explore the business modules of other cultures, and gain social and cultural understanding while you learn about challenges in emerging markets. Get ready to see entrepreneurship from an entirely different perspective. Destinations and topics of Questrom’s global immersion courses may change from year to year. Some examples of places we’ve recently visited include:

Asia Field Seminar: Vietnam
Answering the question of how we prepare for the emerging opportunities and challenges that Vietnam’s economic development and Asia’s growing presence continue to create, this one-week seminar at Hanoi provided future global business leaders with a chance to contemplate answers to the question above.

Europe Field Seminar: Paris
The Europe Field Seminar in Paris was designed to be a deep-dive experiential learning experience focused on France’s luxury goods and services industries. In this program, students examined best business practices and challenges behind the global economic success of the French luxury goods industries.

Innovation Ecosystems: Israel
Students explored the role and impact of innovation ecosystems in transforming a country’s or region’s economy while developing a framework for identifying innovation ecosystems and comparing different ecosystems to one another.

Social Impact Field Seminar: Brazil (2020)
The Social Impact Field Seminar provides an action-based learning experience to students interested in understanding how organizations develop innovative products and services that act as sustainable solutions to social challenges like climate change, food security, global health, poverty, and more. The location of this trip will vary each year–the inaugural trip visited South Africa (2019), and the upcoming trip will travel to Brazil (2020). Follow the Social Impact Field Seminar student blog each spring to read student reflections about their experiences and learning insights from the trip.

Student led treks

If you’re eager to learn about business all over the world but want to take the trip on your terms, student-led treks might be for you. Instead of being led by a faculty member, you can create your own experience by working in a team to design your own trek, or join an existing student-led trek, giving you the chance to be a part of a program created by your fellow students. Instead of class deliverables, you’ll focus on a concept, place, or project that you’ll invent yourself. With highly customizable experiences, student-led treks have included a 10-day trip to Guatemala to help out budding entrepreneurs and a trip to Israel focusing on innovation.

Other Global Opportunities

Global immersion courses and student-led treks aren’t the only way Questrom graduate students can go global. You’ll get the opportunity to interact with global companies within your academia in a multitude of ways. For example, you’ll have a chance to go global through the International Consulting Project, a course where students work with a boutique consulting firm in Beijing, or through earning an internship abroad. Even within our Boston classrooms, you’ll get global perspectives from your many international classmates, representing countries around the world. You’ll also have access to a worldwide network of alumni working in every field imaginable across the globe.