A Questrom MBA is all about options—both inside and outside of the classroom.

Here, it’s easy for you to tailor your MBA to suit your career objectives through specializations, career pathways, and learning communities. Through all three avenues, you’ll be learning what interests you the most and gearing up for the career you want.

Across the board, you’ll learn from faculty who define their fields and who are eager to share their real-world experiences with you through a focused lens. You’ll also learn from a community of classmates whose interests align with your career goals.


At Questrom, you’ll have the unique opportunity to earn a specialized degree in either the health sector, social impact, or digital technology, while studying in a city that’s considered a capital in all three industries. With a Health Sector MBA, a Social Impact MBA, or an MBA+ MS in Digital Technology, you’ll dive deep into these crucial sectors of our economy. Get ready to be an expert.

Don’t worry about being pigeonholed; we know it’s essential to have both depth and breadth of business knowledge. In each of these programs, you’ll explore key business subjects like strategy, marketing, and leadership. On top of your rock-solid business foundation, you’ll learn crucial lessons that specifically apply to the health, social impact, or digital technology sectors.


Create a curriculum for the degree that you want. Whether it’s building on your existing talents or exploring a new business area altogether, at Questrom, you’ll have the flexibility to create the academic experience for the career that you choose. Instead of a fixed set of courses (like a traditional concentration), Career Pathways allow you to mix and match electives across departments to customize your learning experience.

For example, interested in the Brand Management Career Pathway? You can take classes in management & organizations like Product Design and Development, in marketing like Branding or Consumer Insights, and in strategy & innovation like Design Thinking and Innovation.

Additional examples of Career Pathways include:

  • Brand Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Customer Analytics
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Organizational Transformation
  • Operations & Technology Management
  • Strategy
  • Strategy Consulting


At Questrom, we know that community is key. That’s why we’ve instituted Learning Communities, small groups that rally around things that they want to learn more about. They’re intellectual affinity groups where you can come together with diverse members of the larger Questrom community to explore and dive into whatever it is you want to learn, regardless of your program. Each Learning Community has a designated expert Faculty Advisor who will act as a support system, ready to listen, teach, and advise you throughout your time at Questrom.