Program Coordinator

Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Gabrielle Gales
Majors: Organizational Behavior & Finance
West Chester, PA

“Being able to move from being a mentor in the inaugural year of the Ascend Fellowship, to coordinating the program has allowed me to truly understand the importance of this program. With each day of working on the Ascend Fellowship, I know that I am creating an experience that will be transformative to all who are involved.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Alexander Wong
Majors: Finance
Palo Alto, CA

“When interacting with peers or representatives from different companies, you want to show who you genuinely are. People either know you are being disingenuous or it does not display the qualities that make you a unique candidate.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Binti-Joyce Ndiku
Majors: Finance
Worcester, MA

“The mentors were such an integral part to the program. They were able to fill in the gaps. They gave us tips and advice that Thomas or CC couldn’t give us. They were our first college friends, a shoulder to lean on during and after the summer program, as well as a sturdy foundation upon which I began to build my college experience.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Brittney Marshall
Majors: Marketing & Information Systems
Nanuet, NY

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved. What worked in high school may not necessarily work in college and that’s okay. Embrace your differences. Just because the person next to you may seem to be doing the most, doesn’t mean you won’t also achieve “success” in your own way.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Frank Serpe
Majors: Finance & Accounting
Old Bridge, NJ

“A large reason why I want to be a mentor is so that I can continue to make valuable connections and leave a lasting impact on the university. The individuals of Ascend are the ones who make it truly special. I know that I have already made friends through Ascend that will last a lifetime.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Hector J. Meneses Jr.
Majors: Finance & Accounting
Elizabeth, NJ

“One mistake that I made at Boston University was my lack of making decisions for myself. I did not know what I wanted, or what I was passionate about. I started to engage in activities that I was passionate about and began my self-discovery process of getting to know my interest and emotions. This will allow you to become successful.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Ivana de la Rocha
Majors: Finance & Information Systems
Phoenix, AZ

“Have a general idea about how your four years are going to go. You want to be prepared to schedule in classes for your minor and concentrations while also getting all of your liberal arts electives out of the way. It wasn’t even until I realized I wanted to minor in something did I start planning my time in Questrom with an advisor. Take the time to think ahead. You don’t have to go all out, but an outline of what you’re thinking of doing is a great start!”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Jeffrey Lowe
Majors: Marketing
Spring Hill, TN

“My biggest piece of advice is to not limit yourself on what you think you can do at Questrom. When I entered Questrom, I only thought I would be able to accomplish what I did in high school. However, there have been plenty of opportunities that have crossed my path, you just have to grab them.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Julian Burlando-Salazar
Majors: Law, Organizational Behavior, Health & Life Sciences
Sacramento, CA

“Even though you only have four years, it is still a substantial amount of time to make your experiences meaningful. Your time at BU and Questrom is extremely valuable, make sure you use this time to pursue the path that makes you the happiest.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Kalkidan Tewodros
Majors: Law, Finance, Information Systems
Anaheim, CA

“Mentors lead and challenge but they also listen and understand that mentorship consists of two people. It’s a symbiotic relationship that centers on trust, which is a two way street, and can’t function without it. Not only does the person I am mentoring need to trust me but I need to trust them as well. I find that this is built on being personable, being real, being true etc. and I want to be able to utilize my ability to seek out this concept in my relationship with others for good.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Kenny Vasquez
Majors: Finance & Marketing
Bronx, NY

“Procrastinating will lead to rushed work, and professors will know the difference between a rushed paper and a paper that was done over time. Working over a period of time on a paper will result in a much more polished paper and a higher grade. Last advice for freshman for success in Questrom is to have fun. This is college. It is good to work and study a lot, but too much can be stressful. Relaxation can lead to a happier life, something that is crucial in college.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Lukas Flores
Majors: Finance, Strategy & Innovation, Minor in Economics
Rockville, MD

“I would encourage incoming freshman to be open-minded and take as many opportunities as they can in their first years of college so that they are then able to really focus on what they like after they have had the opportunity to go through different experiences.”





Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Nia Brazzell
Majors: Organizational Behavior & Law

“I am eager to build upon the momentum we gained in the first year to continue improving Ascend and the Questrom community at large. As the culture shifts towards recognizing the need for greater diversity and inclusion, I am eager to be a part of the change. It is important that administration sees the impacts of diversity and are moved to continue investing in the celebration of cultures and communities.”



Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Rachel Harmon
Majors: Strategy & Innovation & Health & Life Sciences
Philadelphia, PA

“ I am eager to help these students in any way that I can because I understand the feeling of entering a space that I was alone in. I think that I can alleviate the uncertainties and fears that these students may have during their freshman year by telling them about my experience at Questrom. As a mentor, I will be dedicated to the Questrom Ascend fellows in anything they want to do in and outside of Questrom.”



Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Reilley Connelly
Majors: Strategy & Innovation, Health & Life Sciences
Haddonfield, NJ

“Ascend has the power to establish a stronger community within Questrom and therefore, I want to help it achieve its goals through recruiting more members and bringing more ideas to the program.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Remi Ramos
Majors: Accounting
Parkland, FL

“After the recent events in Parkland (my hometown) I have realized the importance of a strong community. Parkland has created the strongest of support systems, and has come together in the face of adversity to fight for what they believe in. I want this sense of community to expand into every aspect of my life because I believe, with everything that I have, that being a part of a strong community is essential to achieving goals and being happy.”




Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Sabrina Carrion
Majors: Information Systems
Hackensack, NJ

“I feel that I have insight into Questrom that could help an incoming freshman and I want to be able to share it with them. I feel that as a mentor only a few years older than them I can really connect with the students and put myself in their footsteps. I was in their place not too long ago and I know what they are going through. I would help them succeed by giving them suggestions on how I would’ve done things differently if I was given the chance to start college over. I would like to be able to make my mark on the incoming freshman and guide them through their future years to come in Questrom.”


Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Sydney Hicks
Majors: Finance, Marketing
Atlanta, GA

“I would advise incoming freshman, especially those who are minorities, to capitalize on what makes them different. By embracing what makes you different instead of trying to fit a mold, you can distinguish yourself from your peers. In class especially, it is important to actively engage and speak up to share your opinion. As a minority, you may have had different experiences than your classmates or professor, which gives you a unique perspective to offer.”



Portrait-Ascend_0008_Curves 2Zeyi (Bill) Tan
Majors: Finance
Cupertino, CA

“At the beginning of the semester, I wanted to explore BU and uncover any hidden secrets. I ended up finding a lot of useful things within and around BU, such as the best food place, best study area, and best dorms, etc. Aside from living aspects of BU, there are so many resources that can strengthen a student’s career and academics. For example, there is UDC that helps students with their academic as well as career.”