Dan Levine MBA’02, Founder of Engaging Minds, an Executive Function Coaching Organization

Dan Levine MBA’02 started Engaging Minds, Executive Function Coaching for students in primary through higher education. It’s different from other tutoring companies because it focuses not on the content or subject matter but on the approach and strategy. “Every student can and should feel successful. However, many students need more explicit instruction around the skills they need to be successful.  For many students, it’s simply about regaining control over their schoolwork and rebuilding their confidence,” says Dan.

Dan Levine MBA’02 and His Family

After realizing he wanted to start his own venture, Dan decided to get his MBA at BU Questrom. Dan worked in Marketing Communications for Education Admissions for 14 years before he started Engaging Minds and says “People feel rushed to have it all figured out, but there’s a lot of learning and growing involved” signaling that it’s never too late to bring your ideas to fruition.

When Dan started Engaging Minds, he recognized that many students, no matter what learning level, were let down by traditional education, which failed to support students with the “how” behind the schoolwork.

Dan can empathize. He says, “I made my way through undergrad memorizing everything. When I came to BU Questrom for my MBA, the first semester was really tough because it forced me to think for myself. I stuck it out and learned how to be an analytical and critical thinker. I owe that to Questrom.” Dan gave the student address at his Commencement in 2002 where he emphasized that a Questrom education brings not only business acumen, but also opportunities to develop skills such as critical thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving. Dan also mentions the lifelong friendships he made at Questrom, still going strong after decades.

Coaches at Engaging Minds use the student’s coursework as the basis for learning and developing practical skills, like task initiation, work tracking, and long-term project progression, skills useful for all ages. The pivot to virtual learning in the U.S. has allowed Engaging Minds to become serviceable to college students like never before.

“Today, students carry a computer in their pocket. The way we organize and synthesize information has dramatically changed in the last 20 years. Executive function becomes increasingly important in today’s world,” says Dan.

The Engaging Minds team opened a couple more locations, has grown to over 60 instructors, and has worked with thousands of students all over the country. They offer free webinars for parents and professional development for teachers. Engaging Minds continues to help students become confident, independent, and intrinsically motivated learners.



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