Boston University Team Wins 2nd Annual Questrom $50K Sustainability Case Competition

The 2nd annual Questrom $50K Sustainability Case Competition was a success. Congratulations to the three finalist teams from Boston University, American University, and UMass Boston. More than 70 teams from 24 universities from the East coast participated in the 2nd annual case competition earlier this month. The Boston University team consisting of Illiana Arroyo’25, Devin Hirsch’25, Suraj Nellore’26 and Jason Wexler’25 won the competition and took home the $50,000 prize. 

Finalists from American University

Every year, the $50K Sustainability Case Competition challenges teams with two cases. For the first case study this year, teams had to produce a strategy to quantify and communicate the monetary value of upcycling for California company Rewilder. The second case study tasked team with producing a strategy using circularity that would help L.L.Bean improve its environmental footprint and attract new customers. The winning team representing Boston University developed extremely creative solutions to the prompts. They generated “ReBean,” a platform designed to resell previously used L.L.Bean items. Their $50K prize came with only one stipulation: to make a 10% donation to a registered 501(c)(3) in sustainability. In addition, the team will be assisted with last year’s sponsor, Casella, to help get their solutions implemented. 

Finalists from UMass Boston

The panel of judges consisted of 26 individuals with diverse backgrounds, including start-up founders and attorneys. Without Greg Stoller, director of the Questrom $50K Case Competition, the full day event would not be possible. According to Greg, “This entire process every year is energizing but truly takes a village. I’m so appreciative to our alumni, and the many volunteers who helped introduce me to the different schools, and helped me correspond with so many faculty advisors and staff contacts. And thank you to our outstanding team throughout Questrom and everyone who helped the day go off without a hitch.” One of the judges, Paul Ligon, SVP at Casella Waste Systems said, “Members of our Casella team not only served as on-site industry experts and presented the event’s keynote address but also witnessed first-hand the creative passion and interest in driving a more sustainable future that filled the entire room.”

 Congratulations to the finalists from American University and UMass Boston.

American University Team Finalists: Lukas Adamski, Christopher Cancio, Shreyas Srinath, Inken Ehlers

UMass Boston Team Finalists: Damon Borgia, Dhruv Naik, Yuxiao Xing, Walter J. Valdivieso, Sudharshan V S Baswa

Finalist Yuxiao Xing representing UMass Boston said, “It was not only an enriching experience delving into real-world sustainability challenges but also a journey I personally have always wanted to embark on to contribute my part to environmental preservation.”  Finalist Christopher Cancio representing American University said, “This experience not only boosted my confidence but also broadened my awareness of the impact that individuals and corporations can have on making each day more sustainable.”


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