UX Designer & Creative Marketer, Ellie Kwon’s (Questrom’24) Creative Journey at Questrom

Ellie Kwon (Questrom’24), UX designer, creative marketer, and new President of Boston University’s Marketing Club is excited to graduate so she can dive headfirst into doing what she loves every day, which is to “bring human needs back into design, and bridge that gap between aesthetic and function.” As Creative Director and Chief Marketing Officer of student-founded Astra Wellbeing, Ellie played a vital role in securing over $30k in case competition funds, generating leads, and invitations to present, one such presentation at the MHA Annual Wellbeing Summit with 150+ hospital C-suite executives in attendance. Ellie is currently working as an Experience Design Intern at Dentsu Creative, Dentsu Inc.’s sole global creative network. As she prepares for her senior year at the Questrom School of Business, Ellie reflects on her experiences over the past three years.

Ellie Kwon (Questrom’24)

In senior year, Ellie served as the Editor in Chief of Blue Valley West High School’s yearbook program, leading a staff of 200+ students. “This was where my love for all things creative really began to grow. I freely explored graphic design, fine art, and digital illustration. However, as the time to submit college applications drew nearer, I eventually made the distinction that creativity was a hobby and not a career. This was how I ended up attending my first semester at BU as a biology major, with plans to go to medical school,” Ellie says.

“Almost immediately after classes began, I realized I couldn’t pursue a career I wasn’t passionate about so I ditched pre-med and dove headfirst into marketing where I could rediscover my creative potential.” She began to explore graphic design, and still, Ellie was hitting a wall. “I was really missing that ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind what I was creating, and that was where marketing came into play for me. I wanted to create things that weren’t just nice to look at but served a purpose as well. Studying marketing is what allows me to bring human needs back into design, and bridge that gap between aesthetic and function.” Ellie is set to graduate next year with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Ellie has made the most of her journey at Boston University, Questrom School of Business, from case competitions, to designathons. One of her favorite experiences was Questrom Core, a semester long, team-based project that requires students to draw on all areas of business, such as finance, data analytics, marketing, and more, to bring a realistic but imaginary product or service to market. Ellie’s team brought forth ‘Tight Ladder’, an agility ladder with embedded tech, allowing athletes to train at home without the assistance of a coach. Leading the marketing for ‘Tight Ladder’, Ellie created all creative assets, such as ad mockups and packaging.

Through Core, Ellie was introduced to her favorite professor, Susan Jung Grant. Ellie says Professor Grant challenged and supported her team and without her, the team wouldn’t have been selected as a finalist in the 2023 Core Challenge. Professor Grant says, “Ellie is one of those leaders who establishes her mastery of academic content and then brings everyone along. She gains her teammates’ trust because she shows up with commitment, drive, and poise. Her natural charisma is one of the reasons I recommended that she join the leadership team of the BU Marketing Club, which she is now re-inventing as the club’s president.”

Last semester, Ellie held the Content Committee Manager role for the Boston University Marketing Club, during which they created their very first publication. This coming semester, Ellie will be filling the role of President, with plans to completely revamp the club’s brand, bring attention to its offerings, and improve the opportunities for members to feel seen, and come away with a unique and impressive experience.

In Junior year, Ellie participated in the Catalyst design-a-thon, a nationwide UI/UX competition, hosted by BU FORGE Design Studios. It requires teams of 2-3 members to design an app that addresses a competition prompt in a little over 48 hours. Ellie teams placed second in the ‘travel’ category, where they designed an app called Sightseer, allowing tourists to ‘give back to the locals’ and boost the economy.

Ellie joined Astra Wellbeing as Creative Director and CMO in April of 2023 and was instrumental in establishing its brand through website and client-facing mobile platform design, among many other initiatives. In May, Astra Wellbeing, Questrom student led Healthcare Employee Recognition Platform was announced a finalist in the Mass Challenge Startup Accelerator, one of the most prestigious startup accelerators in the nation, that gets over 1200+ team applications all over the world. CEO, Johar Singh (Questrom’24) says “Ellie has led Astra Wellbeing’s marketing efforts, website revamp, platform/web design, and UX/UI efforts which have led us to some amazing leads including getting invited to present our platform at conferences nationwide, attracting thousands of new users to our platform, and receiving some incredible industry-leading partnership opportunities.” Here are some examples of Ellie’s design work for Astra Wellbeing.

Ellie Kwon's Design Work Ellie Kwon's Design Work

This summer, Ellie worked as an Experience Design Intern at Dentsu Creative, the creative network for Dentsu Inc, using Figma and Sketch for design work. “I’ve been having such a positive experience this summer. I work remotely with an amazing team of designers, strategists, and project managers where we create creative solutions that empower people’s everyday lives. This agency fosters such an inspiring environment for all their employees.”

Ellie is pumped to work in UI/UX full-time after graduation with hope of sharing her passion everywhere she goes. Ellie says, “As a UX designer with a background in business, I believe that I bring a really unique perspective to the table. It allows me to see gaps where others don’t, and to create well rounded solutions that meet everyone’s needs.” If you would like to learn more about Ellie’s experiences, please connect with her on LinkedIn.

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