Professor Nina Mazar Talks Behavioral Science in BBJ Article

The Boston Business Journal recently published an article featuring Nina Mazar, Professor of Marketing, discussing Mazar’s co-authored book voted best in the 2022 Habit Weekly Awards.

Spending her career studying how expectations, emotions, peers, and environmental cues affect peoples’ viewpoints and decisions, her past research topics have included the dishonesty of honest people, tax compliance, and behavioral nudges to reduce credit card delinquency. Mazar seeks to help leaders apply learnings from the field in her new book, Behavioral Science in the Wild. Co-authored by Dilip Soman, it was voted best book of the year in 2022 Habit Weekly Awards.

Mazar states, “The real world, or ‘the wild,’ as we call it in the book, is so much more complex than stylized and carefully controlled experiments. But businesses and organizations looking to develop better processes and products may learn a lot from the science that studies why people act and make the decisions they do.”

The book contains three sections: the types of behavioral interventions such as social norms, applications to substantive business matters like financial decision making, and checklists and toolkits to help implement behavioral science in an organization.

Read the full article here.

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