Recent Digital Marketing Symposium on Relevance and Privacy

BU’s Digital Business Institute at the Questrom School of Business hosted a Digital Marketing Symposium to discuss challenges and opportunities marketing faces when it comes to responsible digital customer engagement. Panelists included Dave Edelman, former CMO of Aetna, Nicholas Primola, Executive Vice President of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Andrea Coville, CEO of Brodeur Partners. Several Questrom faculty members presented on topics spanning relevance and privacy in today’s marketing practices.  

The keynote speaker, Dave Edelman, former CMO of Aetna, introduced “Customer Experience in the Age of AI.” Edelman presented several artificial intelligence tools that companies are integrating into their data collection to advance their ability to personalize the customer experience.

Dave Edelman

Nicholas Primola, Executive Vice President of the Association of National Advertiser (ANA), discussed the latest insights from the ANA., including a heavy focus on embracing diversity, equity and inclusion through an accurate portrayal of diverse groups. Another major topic was the efforts towards a becoming a “force for growth and a force for good.”  
Andrea Coville, CEO of Brodeur Partners, presented survey results on data and privacy across several countries and generations. She stressed that Gen-Z will out earn millennials in 10 years so it’s important for brands to have a pulse on their sentiment. While young generations have a higher acceptance of data tracking for shopping, search, and social, all generations are “very concerned” about digital privacy.  

Our faculty presentations sparked lively conversations about the future of digital marketing. Dokyun “DK” Lee, Kelli Questrom Associate Professor in Management, Associate Professor, Information Systems discussed the unintended consequences of AI. Garrett Johnson, Assistant Professor, Marketing discussed marketing post-Cookies, the privacy sandbox, and big adjustments facing marketers. 

To watch or listen to the entire event, check out the recording provided. 

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