Two Questrom Undergrad Students Make Poets & Quants Most Disruptive Business School Startups 2022

Congratulations to Questrom undergraduate students Noah Sorin (Questrom’24) and Diran Shahrik (Questrom’23) for their inclusion in Poets & Quants Most Disruptive Business School Startups 2022.

headshot of undergraduate student Noah Sorin
Noah Sorin (Questrom’24), founder of Idori

Noah Sorin has channeled his passion for sustainability into Idori. Believing “eco-conscious” behaviors should start young, Sorin developed an illustrated children’s book that is accompanied by a stuffed animal to highlight the impact of deforestation. Now, he plans to roll out a line of books and “huggable” toys that address a range of sustainability issues.

“I have always loved creative writing, but holding a physical book that I created myself for the first time was a truly special feeling,” adds Sorin, a junior at Boston University Questrom School of Business. “I was then able to take my book to a public park and read it in front of 30+ kids to gather feedback. Seeing kids smile and laugh as they engaged with my resources really filled my heart and it inspired me to continue working on this project because it showed that I really am capable of impacting people’s lives.”

Headshot of BU Questrom undergraduate student Diran Shahrik
Diran Shahrik (Questrom’23), founder of Savor

The ‘What’ and the ‘How’ are the staples of any new venture. Chances are, the ‘Why’ is the most interesting part of any startup story. Diran Shahrik’s journey started as a Boston University freshman. Watching his aunt bake a cake, he noticed she only used a third of one ingredient. The rest, he learned, would likely be tossed away. The incident inspired him to build Savor, a mobile app that uses food preferences, family size, and budget to create a grocery list that minimizes waste.

“I find we…grow nonchalant when it comes to throwing away food,” Shahrik observes. “However, what we seem to forget is that it’s not simply just the food that we are wasting. The land that the food is grown on, the methane gas released from producing the food, and the water utilized to create food product is all wasted when we throw away food. I wanted to disrupt this pattern of food waste and make a serious worldwide impact.”

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