Marshall Van Alstyne Receives the Herbert Simon Award

Presented annually by Rajk College’s Student Assembly, the Herbert Simon Award recognizes academics who have demonstrated an outstanding ability to solve business problems while also having an extraordinary impact on College members’ thinking and development.

This year, the Rajk College of Advanced Studies has awarded this prestigious recognition to Marshall Van Alstyne, Professor in Management and Information Systems, for his research that has influenced how College members understand business models shaping the future, as well as his examination of how information and scalability affect business models. The award is an important component of Rajk College’s goal of increasing the quality of Hungary’s academic life by inviting top academics from various fields and introducing new methodologies and research fields to students.

An award ceremony was held on November 22 to present Marshall with the 2021 Herbert Simon Award and honor his accomplishments. There, he delivered an open lecture titled “Platform Businesses: Past Perspective and Future Prospects.”

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