Questrom professor awarded Mendelson Teaching Innovation Award

On Saturday, October 16, 2021, Professor Avi Seidmann was awarded the 2021 Information Systems Society (ISS/Informs) Haim Mendelson Teaching Innovation Award for his lifetime contributions to innovative IS/IT teaching.This award recognizes the awardee’s unique and exceptional accomplishments in teaching and education that have a broad, discipline-wide impact.

Avi was one of the founders of the annual IT Teaching conference over twenty years ago, and was active in keeping it going successfully ever since. He also developed the highly popular TradewindBusness games platform (, which promotes ‘experiential learning’ as a ‘bridge to reality’ for MBA and executive students. Through these online games, students compete among themselves individually or in groups, and the goal is to be the best manager among their peers. This endogenous point of view is empowering, and helps the faculty in building upon it later on. By now, the current six games have been successfully played thousands of times, at over 150 Universities all over the globe.

Avi has used five design principles in developing the TradewindBusness games platform:

  1. Games are all Cloud-Based.
  2. Games are Theory-Based, and are Competitive.
  3. It is almost ‘impossible’ to beat the game – even if you have talked with other students who played it before.
  4. Each game produces extensive ‘Though Provoking’ data and analytic, and most importantly:
  5. Each game conveys clear learning objectives. 

The ceremony was part of the annual CIST Meeting. Nine years ago, Professor Seidmann was also awarded by ISS/Informs for his lifetime contributions to IS/IT research.

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