Two Questrom Undergraduates Receive Robert L. Gould Scholastic Award

Congratulations to Boston University Questrom School of Business students, Dennis Karpovitch (BSBA’21) and Celina Saffioti (BSBA’21), for receiving a Robert L. Gould Scholastic Award in the 2021 competition. This contest was sponsored by the fintech firm, SS&C Technologies, Inc. to recognize outstanding university students who produce academic papers on topics related to investment strategies, theories and trends. Their essay titled, “Retail Banks in the Presence of a Pandemic: Adopting Technology to Drive Effective Consumer Interactions” came in third place.

Celina and Dennis chose to focus on how retail banks have adopted new technologies to drive more effective customer interactions. They argued that Covid19 has accelerated this process. The opportunities for banks to capitalize on these shifts are numerous. They looked at the adoption of AI, the introduction of 5G to enable the new offerings, and the important role banks play in educating the consumer on these new product service offerings.

Their mentor Questrom Lecturer in Finance, John Fox believes that one of their strengths was their use of mini case studies where they gave examples of large money center banks (Bank of America), small regional banks (Hibernia National Bank) and third-party vendors (Australia’s transit system) and how each are using their platforms to give richer experiences and new products to consumers.

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