Dean Susan Fournier, Professor Daniella Kupor Receive Top Honors from Society of Consumer Psychology

Pictured (Left to Right): Susan Fournier, Daniella Kupor

At its annual meeting held March 6, the Society of Consumer Psychology (SCP) announced the awardees of their top honors. Susan Fournier, Allen Questrom Professor & Dean, was the recipient of the 2021 Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award. Daniella Kupor, assistant professor of marketing, was one of two winners of the Early Career Award.

The Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award “recognizes excellent, lasting research contributions to consumer psychology.” Twenty-four consumer research scholars have been recognized since the inception of the award in 1991. Fournier is only the third woman to receive the honor. James Bettman, chair of the award selection committee had this to say about Fournier’s selection, “her work has made pioneering contributions to many important domains in consumer psychology. In particular, her research has had substantial impact as it has led consumer researchers to mine insights from the relationship literature and use them to understand how relationships with brands can affect consumers’ coping and well-being.”

According to accepted norms for individual papers, transformational works are those cited over 10,000 times, while classic works are those cited over 1,000 times. Based on these criteria, Fournier’s transformational paper “Consumers and their Brands” has been cited 10,445 times. Seven additional papers classify as classic works.

“When I started down the PhD path after my career in industry, I had two goals, one, to increase industry’s understanding of the relationships people have with brands, and two, to help shift academic studies to provide more relevance for business,” said Fournier. “I am incredibly humbled to be recognized by my peers with the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award recognition for my work toward achieving these two goals.”

At the time of this publication, Fournier’s work had been cited over 26,700 times per Google Scholar. This award comes on the heels of her recent recognition for landing in the top 2% of all science researchers in the world. Fournier also claims five best article and impact awards for her published works including the Journal of Consumer Research Best Article Awards for her thesis paper, “Consumers and their Brands,” and her paper “When Good Brands Do Bad,” and the Journal of Marketing’s Harold Maynard Award for the most significant contribution to marketing theory and thought for her paper, “Rediscovering Satisfaction.”

“What a wonderful and well-deserved honor. For some of us who work in this area, Susan’s research has not just been inspirational, it has shaped our careers and defined us as the researchers we are,” stated Pankaj Aggarwal, professor of marketing at University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management.

SCP’s 2021 Early Career Award “recognizes significant scientific contributions to consumer psychology by a scholar whose PhD was obtained in 2012 or later.” Kupor, who received her PhD from Stanford University in 2016, conducts research in the areas of decision-making and consumer persuasion. Her research on decision making examines how interruptions and other situational variables influence preference formation, while her research on consumer persuasion examines the persuasive factors that influence decision making.

“I am truly honored to have received the SCP Early Career Award. I am deeply grateful to Questrom for fostering such a supportive and rich environment in which to pursue my research interests,” said Kupor upon learning about her award. “I am excited to continue doing research that has an impact on the field of marketing and beyond.”

This award continues a recent stretch of honors for Kupor. Since beginning at Questrom, she has received numerous awards for her research including the 2018 finalist for the Journal of Consumer Research Best Article Award, the 2019 BSPA New Investigator Award, the 2019 Outstanding Reviewer Award from the Journal of Consumer Research, and the 2020 MSI Young Scholar.

“Daniella is a highly prolific scholar who pursues research on consumer attitudes and persuasion using causal methods to inform not only academic research and theory but also practice,” said Shuba Srinivasan, Norman and Adele Barron Professor and chair of the marketing department at Questrom. “She is an outstanding teacher as well and excels in translating her research into insights in the classroom for BU Questrom students at all levels”

Selection for these awards are based on nominations received by the SCP. While nominations are solicited each year, honorees are only selected when the contributions are truly worthy of the award honors. Even more rare is faculty from the same institution receiving the top honors in the same year. “This is only the third time in the history of these awards that two of the three potential awards were won by faculty from the same institution in the same year,” remarked Srinivasan. “The entire marketing department is incredibly excited with the success and recognition of our two faculty colleagues.”

These honors for Fournier and Kupor recognize the ongoing commitment of Questrom’s faculty to research with impact. Questrom recently launched its digital hub for research, Insights@Questrom, where faculty, administrators, and alumni offer their expert takes on the challenges facing businesses today.

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Susan Fournier Image

Susan Fournier

Allen Questrom Professor & Dean, Professor of Marketing
Faculty ProfileGoogle Scholar Profile (26,625 citations)

Numerous best article awards plus several broader distinctions for body of work, including:

  • Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award, Society of Consumer Psychology (2020)
  • Long-term Contribution Award in Consumer Research (2011)
  • Maynard Award for Most Significant Contribution to Marketing Theory and Thought (1999)

Expert in the application of marketing, psychology, anthropology, and finance, to business enterprises, with a focus on the creation of value through branding and consumer relationships.


Daniella Kupor Image

Daniella Kupor

Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dean’s Research Scholar
Faculty ProfileGoogle Scholar Profile (304 citations)

Numerous research awards and honors, including:

  • Early Career Award, Society of Consumer Psychology (2021)
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Research (2019)
  • New Investigator Award, Behavioral Science & Policy Association (2019)

Expertise in decision-making and consumer persuasion. Her decision-making research examines how interruptions and other situational variables influence preference formation, while her consumer persuasion research examines the persuasive factors that influence decision-making.

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