Questrom and its Online MBA were featured in two articles in the highly-reputable The Economist.

The Questrom online MBA continues to collect kudos from around the globe.

The Economist magazine provides authoritative insight and opinion on business and other news and boasts a coveted readership of almost six million. The first piece, The future of management education, is a satire comprised of a letter to the Dean of the fictitious Gordon Gekko Business School calling attention to the “existential threat” to the MBA. The letter writer acknowledges a host of causes including politics that strain international student applications, but contends the bigger factor “is that we are charging too much. Our MBA costs nearly twice as much as it did a decade ago, but nobody believes we are delivering twice as much value.”  His proposed solution is a more relevant curriculum that embraces technology, and Questrom is identified as the quintessential exemplar. “Some schools offer hybrid degrees, mixing the soft skills learned on campus with the convenience of digital delivery. Boston University’s Questrom School of Business has gone the whole hog and now offers its innovative mba online for just $24,000. If we do not adapt it will eat our lunch.”

Adapting, in the second Economist piece, American business schools are reinventing the MBA, means aligning the curriculum to new business realities, including sustainable capitalism, data analytics, and decision making frameworks that weigh results across all stakeholders. In the spirit of change as the mother of innovation, these new principles are baked into the Questrom online MBA.

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