The Obstacles Medical AI Must Overcome

Harvard Business Review recently published the article, “AI Can Outperform Doctors. So Why Don’t Patients Trust It?” written by Questrom assistant professor of marketing Chiara Longoni and Everett W. Lord Distinguished Faculty Scholar and professor of marketing Carey K. Morewedge. The article references the professors’ research paper “Resistance to Medical Artificial Intelligence,” which is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Research.

Their research and article pose an interesting question—even though medical AI can perform with expert-level accuracy and deliver cost-effective care at scale, why do patients overwhelmingly prefer to be seen and diagnosed by humans? The answer lies in the fact that patients believe their medical needs are unique and, therefore, cannot be adequately addressed by algorithms.

Read on to see how 200 BU and NYU business students reacted to the study, their outcomes, and the researcher’s recommendations to the medical community on how to overcome this perception.

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