Questrom Dean & Brand Expert Presents At Management Science’s 65th Anniversary Conference

Dean Susan Fournier’s presentation tackled respecting brand in an age ripe with risk.

Management Science’s 65th Anniversary Conference, hosted at Boston University Questrom School of Business, featured a presentation by dean and brand expert Susan Fournier. Fournier is also founder, president, and chairman of the Institute for Brands & Brand Relationships, a nonprofit international collaborative that advances brand-related research and dialogue.

In the presentation titled “Taking Brand Seriously in the Age of Risky Business,” Fournier shared key takeaways about how brands manage—or don’t manage—risk, and what that could mean for the overall value of the brand.

The findings she shared largely came from an interview conducted with Adele and Norman Barron Professor in Management Shuba Srinivasan, a professor in Questrom’s marketing department, in conversation with Patrick Marrinan, Managing Principal of Marketing Scenario Analytica.

In her presentation, Fournier highlighted a shortlist of poor decisions made by major retailers including PepsiCo’s tone-deaf protest ad featuring Kendall Jenner, H&M’s racist sweatshirt debacle, huge oversights on consumer behavior by Kraft-Heinz, and more. The presentation also tackled the implications that politics, the media, big tech, and socioeconomics have on companies’ ability to foresee potential controversies.

An abridged version of Fournier’s presentation “Taking Brand Seriously in the Age of Risky Business” is available for download below:

Download Presentation



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