Questrom MBA student who cofounded platform to tackle gaming addiction featured by NECN

Following the WHO’s declaration of gaming disorder as a behavioral addiction, Health Sector MBA student Kruti Kanojia (Questrom’20) and her husband Dr. Alok Kanojia, appeared on NECN’s “The Take” to talk about the issue. The Kanojias have founded Healthy Gamer, a platform that helps gamers regain control of their lives.

On May 25th 2019, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) officially recognized video gaming addiction as a modern illness. The organization first voted to include gaming disorder as an official condition in a version of their International Classification of Diseases (ICD) last year.

In an earlier interview with BU Questrom, Kruti shared, “There is a generation of smart, capable people completely disengaging from reality. It can be a 3-5-year process to get your life back together because you’ve missed the boat on things like medical school applications, internships or key friendships.”

Being in a business school environment is helping her learn how to potentially bring about change effectively. “Business can move faster than medicine, it can move at the pace of technology and faster than government,” she says.

Watch the duo’s interview with NECN in this video and read their tips on how you can help those struggling with video game addiction.


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