Questrom changemaker recognized for leading with heart

AACSB’s Second Annual Influential Leaders Challenge recognizes Analjit Singh (BSBA ’77, MBA ’79), for his leadership and contribution to social good

Earlier this week, thirty individuals were recognized for their world changing leadership at the AACSB’s Annual Accreditation Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. These business pioneers demonstrate how a business degree can be used to drive positive change. One of these honored leaders is an alumni of Boston University Questrom School of Business.

AACSB International recognized Questrom graduate and member of the Questrom Dean’s Asia Advisory Board, Analjit Singh (BSBA ’77, MBA ’79), for his leadership and dedication to create positive change for the world.

“The 2016 Influential Leaders illustrate how the power of a business degree goes beyond—beyond industries, reaching lives in every part of the world—pioneering change, fostering global exchange, and improving the quality of life,” said Thomas R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB International. “I would like to thank Analjit Singh for exemplifying how business graduates can be a positive force in society and congratulate Boston University Questrom School of Business for their role in helping to develop the knowledge, skills, and fortitude needed to address some of the toughest challenges we face today.”

In its second year, The Influential Leaders from AACSB Business Schools Challenge recognizes business schools for their work in the building of today’s exceptional leaders.

“On behalf of AACSB International, I would like to congratulate Analjit Singh and Boston University Questrom School of Business for being selected as an honoree in the 2016 Influential Leaders Challenge,” said Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño, chair of the board of directors of AACSB International and dean of IE Business School. “AACSB and its accredited schools strive to develop changemakers who positively impact society through their actions and leadership, and Analjit Singh does just that. Boston University Questrom School of Business should be proud of its 2016 Influential Leader.” AACSB’s thirty honorees represent 15 industry sectors across 11 countries and all utilize their degrees to foster positive change for our world. As one of the 2016 Influential Leaders, Analjit Singh knows exactly how to push the envelope when it comes to meaningful change.

Founder and chairman of Max India Limited, Singh, has been described by many as India’s top entrepreneur and has transformed healthcare services in his native India. Singh founded the company in the 1980’s and it grew into a mini-conglomerate with multiple businesses. But after roughly 15 years of business, Singh felt something was missing. With a deep desire for his business to transcend the corporate world and impact lives, Singh put social good at the heart of Max India Limited.

He led the charge and sought to do work that was both engaging and inspiring, that touched people’s lives.

In 2000, Max India was reborn as a service-oriented company, “where business meant more than business,” says Singh.

His desire for the company was simple. He strived for Max India Limited to be an all service sector enterprise with one focus: bettering society. A true innovator, Singh worked to transform Max India Limited into a business that focuses on human condition and values closeness to customers.

During Max India Limited’s transformation, Singh found that though Indians proved to be good clinicians, pre-op and post-op care had fallen between the cracks. He set out to improve the total patient experience.

The new Max India brand, which has presence in a diverse number of areas, includes the hospital network Max Healthcare (MHC). MHC is committed to offering world-class care, and treating all patients like VIP’s. Through recognizing the need to better the total patient experience, Singh worked to evolve his brand and pioneer positive change.

Though he says that he didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur, Singh saw what was in front of him and took hold of the opportunity. Analjit Singh, a true leader who dares convention in the name of positive change, validates that a business degree means power to change our world.

Learn more about Analjit Singh’s passion to transform Max India Limited by reading our article featured in Questrom’s alumni magazine, Everett.

Watch Analjit Singh talk about his career with Ken Freeman, Allen Questrom Professor and Dean, Questrom School of Business as part of the “Conversations with Ken” series.

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