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Exploring Quantum Concepts Software

CH 101

Please note that to run the applets or applications listed below, you will need to have Java 5.0 or greater working on your computer.

Exploring Quantum Concepts Applets

Exploring Quantum Concepts Applications

Install Waves

Install Time Dependent Electron Waves

Install Quantum Explorer 2.3

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If you need to install Java, please follow the instructions below.

Java Downloads for Windows

Download Java installer for Windows from here.
  1. Select the Download for Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.0 Update 3 (or later).
  2. From the download page, Accept the license agreement.
  3. Under Windows Platform - J2SE(TM) Runtime Environment 6.0 Update 3,
    click on Windows Online Installation (typical download size is ~7.1 MB), Multi-language.
  4. Download the Installer to your Desktop.
  5. Make sure you are logged in with an Administrator account on your computer.
  6. Run the installer jre-6u3-windows-i586-p-iftw.exe.
  7. Select typical installation, and click on Next.

Java Download for Mac OS X 10.4 and later

You will need to know if your Apple is a PowerPC (a PPC chip) or an Intel chip based computer.

Download Java installer for OS X from here.