Stefan Hofmann


Stefan Hofmann
  • Title Professor
  • Phone (617) 353-9233
  • Education PhD, University of Marburg

Director: Psychotherapy & Emotion Research Laboratory

Professor Hofmann will not be taking any new students or research staff at Boston University for the next 5 years, starting July 2021. During this time, he is the Alexander von Humboldt Professor at the University of Marburg, Germany. You may still contact him at

Dr. Stefan G. Hofmann is a Professor in the clinical program where he directs the Psychotherapy and Emotion Research Laboratory. His main research questions include the following:

  1. Why are psychological treatments, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, effective for anxiety disorders? What is the mechanism of treatment change, and what are the active ingredients? How can these treatments be improved further?
  2. How can we translate knowledge from basic neuroscience into clinical techniques to enhance therapies for anxiety disorders?
  3. What are the culture-specific expressions of mental disorders, and how can psychological treatments be made more culturally sensitive in order to enhance their efficacy, dissemination, and acceptability?
  4. What are the effects of emotion regulation strategies on anxiety and subjective well-being?
  5. What is the psychopathology of social phobia (social anxiety disorder)? Are there any meaningful subgroups?

For more information about Dr. Hofmann’s publications and current research, please visit his lab website.

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