Directed Study

Directed Study provides students the opportunity to do directed research in a selected topic under the supervision of a BU Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences faculty member for course credit (PS 491/492). Directed Study counts toward the eight principal courses required for the major in psychology. No more than two directed studies will count toward the nine principal courses for the psychology major. Students who are interested in doing a directed study should:

  1. See the list of Directed Study Opportunities.
  2. Speak with the professor with whom they would like to work. All students who wish to do Directed Study must find a *psychology faculty member, to serve as the primary advisor and must conduct research in the faculty mentor’s lab within the department.
  3. Download the Directed Study Application. Fill out the Directed Study application and make sure to attach a bibliography.  Submit the form via email to the directed study supervisor for their signature, then email the form to to obtain the signature of Dr. Joanne Hebden Palfai, Director of Academic Affairs/Director of Undergraduate Studies.
  4. Send the signed Directed Study application to CAS Advising via email at Once approved by the CAS Directed Study Coordinator, the course will be added to the student’s schedule.

*This includes faculty members who have primary appointments in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences (PBS) or joint appointed faculty who have appointments in PBS and another department at Boston University. The research must be conducted in the faculty member’s lab.