Donna Pincus Leading New Investigation of Online Therapy for Childhood Anxiety

Associate Professor Donna Pincus is leading a new multi-site investigation of online therapy treatment for childhood anxiety, the largest of its kind. Details of the ambitious new initiative can be found in a new BU Today article.

The BU study will work with almost 1,900 young people, ages 3 to 18, with mild to moderate anxiety, in pediatric health centers in and around Boston, Baltimore, Miami, and Seattle. The Boston sites will be Massachusetts General Hospital’s Chelsea Healthcare Center, South Boston Community Health Center, and Boston Medical Center (BMC), the School of Medicine’s teaching hospital.

Half of the children will be assigned randomly to receive in-person cognitive behavioral therapy, Pincus says, while the other half will get that therapy online, with the therapist phoning every other week to check in.

With almost 70 therapists and supervisors needing to be trained to do the therapy, the researchers have their work cut out for them.

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